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Sneak Peek at 2014 Summer / Fall Halo Mega Bloks Sets

Sneak Peek at 2014 Summer / Fall Halo Mega Bloks Sets

Posted by Sabre on 23rd Aug 2019

Sneak Peek at 2014 Summer / Fall Halo Mega Bloks Sets

2014 Halo Mega Bloks Flood Invasion Set 97430:

flood invasions
Flood Invasion Set 97430

Finally a flood invasion that feels...invasive! Prepare to do battle behind a bunker of the newer sandbag style as you take on the new Flood Juggernaut and it's accomplices! Looking forward to the Halo 2 style marine (not pictured) and secondary poseable flood form - let's just hope this one isn't a pile of rubber [too] ;-)

2014 Halo Mega Bloks Toy Set 97381 UNSC Elephant Troop Carrier

unsc elephant troop carrier

UNSC Elephant Troop Carrier

A third pachydermic event is coming with the troop-transport variant HALO WARS Elephant! This time your Elephant will be defended by the ever "noble" support of Carter-A259 and Jun-A266 in MEGA's new introduction of named characters! I think this may be the set I look forward to the most this fall as the commando armor is my favorite of all the HALO variants....and the fact Carter will actually be able to hold his weapon properly has me oozing (eww) with excitement already! Oh, yeah and the snarky sniper Jun is there too - though he may want to find better cover!

2014 Summer / Fall Halo Mega Bloks Set 97380: UNSC Broadsword

unsc broadsword

UNSC Broadsword Halo Mega Bloks Set 97380

Here's a set idea straight from the Didact (his idea..see?). Get ready to construct the follow-up spacecraft to the fan-favorite sabre this fall with the UNSC Broadsword! This set will be an amazing source of parts for other customs, and likely a multi-buy. I personally wasn't the biggest fan of Halo 4 designs, but having a Didact of epic proportions will be fun, and a newly articulated MC will make many fans happy! Me personally, I'm glad to see the Cortana mold revisited with more paint details (I love me the blue ladies)

.....I wonder if Didact will come w/ a clear stand to float on?

2014 Halo Mega Bloks Sets: New Mombasa Police Department

nmpd sets new mombasa

New Mombasa Police Department Hornet, Cruiser and Cyclops

Freeze punk! Prepare to take on those stinkin' brutes with the NMPD! Halo 3: ODST is my favorite game of the entire franchise - so obviously I might be a little biased in expressing my excitement for the NMPD sub-line. But seriously, a police falcon is all kinds of crazy-good...and that crusier? All I can say is MEGA put on some nice touches to these sets (ex. Brute Chieftain in VISR mode)...and if that police cruiser comes with an Just wow...

2014 Halo Mega Bloks Sets: Armory Weapons Packs & Battle Packs

covie weps pack ii spartan assault combat

UNSC Weapons Pack II 97207

Covenant Weapons Pack II 97359

Forerunner Weapons Pack II 97360

Spartan IV Battle Pack 97208

Spartan Assault Battle Pack 97336

OK so some of this stuff makes you feel yellower than that Brute minor (seriously?) ...but you know what? Getting a brute stalker (non-AC) in a $15 set is a lot easier pill to swallow than having to cough up cash for a Cobra (too many C's?) - so I'm looking forward to bolstering the ranks with these sets; plus that Forerunner (or promethian?) turret is another nice source for customizers.Something tells me the biggest winner of these sets though will be that new sniper rifle. Remember to keep count of your shells!

2014 Halo Mega Bloks Set 97450 UNSC Auto Mantis Attack

unsc auto mantis attack

UNSC Auto Mantis Attack 97450

Man your MANTIS...cuz stuff is about to get BLOWN UP! ...I'm not sure which I'm more excited for - the robot or the controller! :P Since MC will be available as a SMAF (super micro-action figure) in the broadsword, I would've really liked to see MEGA have super'd up a Halo 2 or Halo 3 version of the chief, but I'll reserve judgements until this set is in-hand. I just hope the construction is as epic and fun as the first MANTIS! Regardless, being able to remotely attack the covenant will be a blast (see what I did there)!

2014 Halo Mega Bloks Set 97431 Micro Fleet Helmet Flacon Conquest

micro falcon conquest

Micro-Fleet Falcon Conquest

Flyin high with the falcon...considering the quality of the previous micro-fleet sets already reviewed, MEGA has made themselves their own worst enemy by making ingenious micro-builds.I have no expectations on this set except for superb-ness and judging by the initial displays and photos I don't think we (the fans) will be disappointed!

2014 Summer / Fall Halo Mega Bloks Alpha Series & Metallic Drop Pods

alpha series and metallic drop pods

Halo Mega Bloks Alpha Series Micro Action Figures

Halo Mega Bloks Metallic Drop Pods Series Two II

Copper and Cobalt ODSTs go together like peas and carrots...if we were going to get rehashes of the metallic finishes from Spring, these are the ones I want (ok, well maybe silver too). The covies don't stand a chance with these guys shining up the battlefield; so it'll be very nice to have a convenient way to stock up on the super-figures inexpensively!

2014 Halo Mega Bloks Set 97449 UNSC Flame Warthog

flame warthog

UNSC Flame Warthog Set 97449

So which set(s) of the fall 2014 wave are you looking forward to the most? Feel free to comment below!