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...the branded cryptocurrency of B.A. Toys, specialty Toy Retailer since 2010 with primary focus on video game toys, anime, sci-fi and horror themes hard-to-find collectibles.
[UPDATE 11.12.2020]
...represents a melding of our brand's philosophy, proven business methods, customer expectations and all that encapsulates a total buying experience at B.A. Toys, in the form of a virtual token. Toyken will first be available on The Waves Platform, a decentralized cryptocurrency exchange, in early 2019. (See below)

B.A. Toys owes a duty to ourselves, as well as to our customers, to offer Toyken in a quantity that is appropriate, responsible & representative of a use token. We will NOT offer extreme quantities and dilute the impact and value of Toyken in the process. We have ascertained that the appropriate level of Toyken is 100 Million Tokens.
2020 Update: The number of TOyKEN created is FAR LESS as the public sale did NOT occur due to the Waves Platform making some questionable actions & policy changes just prior to our planned sale. To meet a deadline, we instead created TOyKEN upon Ethereum.

Toyken Explainer Video

This video lays out our plans of domination.
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