B.A. Toys is Testing NEW QUiCKFiLTER Buttons on COLLECTiONS!

We have added QUiCKFiLTER buttons to nearly all ANiME COLLECTiONS. This will quickly help you view "in-stock", "new pre-order" and "all" items within the current collection you have selected. Further navigation is only a click away in the main menu. QUiCKFiLTER buttons will eventually be on ALL COLLECTioNS!

...is a means of viewing specific information in a faster, more convenient manner; a method used primarily for succinct and convenient viewing of vast amounts of data; classification system for shopping and browsing the internet in retail settings.

Example: BAToys.com is testing performance increases through the addition of quickfilter buttons to their retail collections.

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