About BAToys

Toyken Crypto Icon, next to a big blue whale, next to a rocket ship with flames burning above the tagline but below BA Toys logo.
After achieving the #1 Google Rank for Halo Mega Bloks in 2013-2014, BAtoys became an extremely valuable keyword after our monumental achievement. Encroachment on our business name by AMAZON and TARGET required us to secure trademark protection.

The term BAToys became popular enough that social media platforms DENIED the ability for ANYONE to create a page or acquire the username BAToys. Our trademark protection has since helped us to work these issues out, and we extend a heartfelt thanks to Facebook for their assistance and top-notch customer service in getting our claim to BAtoys worked out and awarded to us!

Although some medical issues required a lengthy hiatus, and then COVID19 had another large impact, we are once again in the mix to grow and expand with toy offerings, Anime offerings and are excited to bring our working knowledge to Anime pre-orders. We appreciate your support as we regain our footing online after our required hiatus as well as challenges brought on by COVID19.

We will have MANY older, MISB Halo Mega Bloks offerings in the future, in addition to some other items that have been warehoused for several years. Our Toyken Horizon Project is still ongoing. Although this massive project has faced many challenges, we are still following our road map and WILL achieve success.

B.A. Toys is a registered trademark, https://trademarks.justia.com/877/17/b-a-87717855.html

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