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wall scroll poster size examples and orientation differences portrait vs landscape.


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ANIME Manufacturers

Our first order of business will be to apologize for the fact that most of our Anime items have no sizing available. This is due to the unfortunate fact that the majority of Anime manufacturers do NOT supply item sizing information. It is customary in Anime to only supply case sizing, from which we must attempt to deduce the specific item size. (Cases can hold anywhere from 10 to hundreds of items.)

Should you encounter an item that has no sizing, and you would prefer to know these sometimes important details, please contact us and we will be happy to research the item to the best of our ability! We can request specific item information from the manufacturer, although this rarely leads to 100% accurate ITEM sizing information (as someone would actually have to physically check).

Many of our older non-anime items have no sizing available what-so-ever. Going forward, we are making all non-anime manufacturer item size information a listing requirement. Anime items will NOT be subject to this requirement as they are too hard to find as it is!

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Wall Scrolls come in 3 MAIN SIZES:

  • Tall narrow size is approximately 66 inches tall and 24 inches wide.
  • Most common size is 42 inches x 33 inches wide, vertical orientation.
  • Third size is the horizontal orientation, 33 inches tall by 42 inches WIDE.



An example of three most common sizes of wall scrolls. The vertical and horizontal orientations of wall scrolls are actually the same size, it is only the orientation that changes.

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WALL SCROLLS: All wall scrolls that we carry come from the manufacturer printed in high definition on a canvas, fabric like cloth. The MAIN advantage to purchasing a wall SCROLL, is that they come pre-hung on plastic dowel-like rods. This allows for the item to actually open up like a scroll would, and the hanging mechanism is already there. You can adjust the two sliding hooks and you're ready to hang on the wall, a door or even use suction cups on a window to display your high quality wall scroll proudly! We firmly believe these will someday be considered digital works of art as they truly are unique and wonderful to look at!

FABRIC POSTERS: Fabric Posters are EXACTLY THE SAME as Wall Scrolls BUT THEY DO NOT INCLUDE the hanging apparatus. Any dimensions given on fabric posters COULD BE MISLEADING as fabric posters normally COME FOLDED UP in some type of plastic container. They are rarely, if ever, sleeved or rolled. This means you may see the creases of the folds for a while. If you are looking to save a couple dollars as you are simply going to hang the fabric poster via thumbtacks or what-have-you... you can always search to see if there is a fabric poster available of the style you are looking for.

POSTERS (paper): Paper Posters come rolled up in a plastic sleeve. No hanging apparatus included. Standard, old-fashioned paper poster.


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