Electroneum Blockchain

You've ARRiVED. Secure NOW! Electroneum Blockchain Cryptocurrency Ecosystem Smart Contract Platform trading for crypto pairs BTC, ETH, LTC, ZEC, ETN and more.
FROM ELECTRONEUM: Co-Inventor of blockchain The Electroneum blockchain uses a unique algorithm that we’ve termed Proof of Responsibility (PoR). The blockchain has received significant praise from the blockchain space, including the co-inventor of the blockchain, Dr. Scott Stornetta, whose work from 1991 is included in the original Bitcoin whitepaper. He praised Electroneum for the implementation of this moderated blockchain, including its improved security and philanthropic approach to redirecting mining rewards to those who need it the most. The interview discusses everything from his vision for the future of blockchain to his opinions on the Electroneum project, as well as our approach to educating and enabling people in developing regions to learn new skills and explore new ways to earn.

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