How To Use Our Site

Menu Icon Example Mobile Menu ... The main menu is located in the upper left corner. It can be identified by its icon shown to the left of this paragraph. From there, you can choose main categories and click / filter down to browse products generally or by type. Desktop Users have a fairly straight forward layout before them- with the main menu currently located just below our logo (top center).

Dynamic Filter - powered by ToyPower, appears when filterable options appear in the collection you are currently viewing. Filtering works best if you have a goal in mind. First step is to define your goal- try to start with something specific. Like a thing- Wall Scroll Posters, Gloves, Keychains, Viktos Tactical & Duty Gear or a License like Haikyu, Dragonball Z, Hunter X Hunter, etc... and go find that collection. By starting in a targeted location, the dynamic filter will show remaining additional options to you for the products appearing whether options be size, color or style.

Anime Shop With hundreds of anime licenses and thousands of products, Anime Shop has changed it up a bit. The Anime Shop now features in stock anime items with links out to additional collections to maximize loading time. We suggest you look up your specific Anime by its starting first letter or the search bar; Some people prefer to browse all items of a certain letter group, while others may want to go straight to a specific collection.

Should an Anime start with a number, like 91 Days, it is listed under Letter A. Selecting a specific Anime right off the bat is a great way to start, you can do so HERE within our Anime ABC's listings. If browsing and you locate an item you'd like to see more of, there is a button to that Anime's Licensed Collection within the product's details, below the availability banner.

QuiCLicK NAV on products - We have always felt mobile browsing can be slightly lacking, so we are making an ongoing attempt at improving. We have custom built a responsive navigation on EVERY PRODUCT which leads to more related items, categories and/or sections.

TOY POWER - Ahead of schedule, we have rolled out our beta version of Toy Power. With so much power, we have unleashed TOY POWER not only on toys, but ALL items on our site and have incorporated it within our site's filter! B.A. Toys' TOY POWER ENGINE, allows for quick viewing of nearly all products offered, due to dynamic filtering at section levels. You may view its power containing ALL items directly within Toy Power, but please allow a little extra loading time due to tens of thousands of products loading or filtering. (Plus Toy Power is still in BETA!) TOY POWER.

As we continue organizing and developing, more options will appear here.