Pre-Order By Date Guidelines

calendar of quarterly dates and days


1. Pre-Orders placed by date specified: *No quantity limits and heavily discounted pre-order pricing.  

2. Pre-Orders placed AFTER (if able) date: Quantities limited to our allocation already on order, if any.  

3. Items available for PRE-ORDER/ORDER until order button displays SOLD OUT.

4. Production ordering deadlines are shortening, and fulfillment times are getting longer.  The earliest ordering will save you the most money!
5.  If you prefer to place a pre-order with no money down, simply use the ALERT ME email subscription.  This does NOT lock in the best pricing, BUT you will automatically receive an email once the item is received into stock.  The more ALERT ME subs we get, the longer we can offer better pricing after items are received into stock.

FAQ's & Answers


Why do I always end up paying so much for my favorite items?
If you wait until release to order collectible items, figures or popular toys- YOU ARE ORDERING WAY TOO LATE. This often results in paying much more than suggested retail. In the collectibles market, placing a pre-order means you are ordering on time. Buying (or missing) an item upon release means YOU ARE LATE!

When should I actually order?
The sooner you can order collectible items the better! Nearly ALL toys and collectibles have a 6-14 month LEAD TIME. This means if you are not ordering items DURING PRE-ORDER, they often will sell out or be in low supply-high, demand by the time they are actually produced and released!

Why is the lead time so long?
In general, toy manufacturing is commonly setup that no "one company" owns an entire manufacturing plant. Collectible toy figures, and toys in general, are usually not mass produced (meaning millions at a time). Manufacturing plants are often cooperatives, meaning they must farm out their services to make products for other clients/companies to keep their machines working.

Why are release dates so hard to project?
Once a company reserves a spot for manufacturing- they receive "their turn" at producing the products they have scheduled. These lead times often bottle-neck due to the extremely high demand of securing the ability to produce products without building an entire plant for one operation. The collectibles market is under extreme stress due to high demand and low supply. With adding economic pressures and/or manufacturing plants running behind schedule- this means each slot allotted to manufacture a product can be impacted a year in advance. If a project is delayed for one company, the long-term effect can push production back by MONTHS.  This can ultimately affect production not scheduled until the following year. There is a plethora of reasons a company can not be ready for their production, i.e... licensing, design, material shortage, etc... If one is not ready for production, it is customary to skip them.  Once skipped, you have to wait MONTHS to schedule another slot for production.

Why don't companies just make more items?
They do, BUT... By the time forecasts indicate they need more items- it will be months to a year before they can usually produce and import them. The collectibles market is also sustained by planned shortages.  Having too much of a product results in overstock and the need to drastically discount prices in hopes of clearing old stock out. Overstock also conveys a lack of demand for a product, which may actually not be the case.

Wouldn't overstocking be better for lower prices?
  The collectibles market is a constant balancing act of meeting just enough demand to fill expectations. When items are valuable, it is because they are in demand. Making too many collectibles is guaranteed trouble. The aforementioned delicate balancing act is what PROTECTS YOUR INVESTMENT and causes your collectible TO APPRECIATE IN VALUE, rather than over-production causing a DEFLATIONARY EFFECT! If collectibles did not appreciate in value, profitability would be impossible and entire production lines would disappear. When demand is higher than supply, the result is scarcity of product and rapidly appreciating prices due to high demand. If collectible producing companies did not have this figured out so well- you would be buying collectible junk from

How can I possibly keep track of what is due out?
That's what we are for. We handle all the stress and try to give you the best possible information regarding upcoming products, release dates, pricing and so forth. Organizing and keeping track of all the data is a monumental task. There is no way to be certain all the information is listed nor that every item can be easily found. We do our best to make results available for common sense searches and filters.

My friend pre-ordered a product and I placed the same pre-order the next day. My pre-order cost more than his. Why?
Pre-Order solicitations can change even during the pre-order phase. There could be a change in features of the product, there could suddenly be a known production shortage forecast- or block-buster information could have come out and a pre-order item is KNOWN to be more valuable upon release.  Celebrity deaths, first-series, show cancellations, limited editions, production errors and license rejections are just some common reasons collectible prices can SKYROCKET. 

Why doesn't the price just stay the same?
This is why it is SO important to pre-order items if you are extremely concerned about cost OR ORDERING A HIGH PRICED COLLECTIBLE. Pre-ordering an item on Day 1 will usually cost less than pre-ordering the same item on Day 87 (if it lasts that long before pre-order sell-out). The collectible market is totally speculative. This means items that appreciate in value must be priced accordingly. For every item that appreciates in value- there might be 6, 7 or 25 others that may be hard or impossible to sell for profit. This is why we try to stock the items WE BELIEVE are going to APPRECIATE in value. It is too great a risk losing dollars on stagnant inventory. As our entire business model is early sales and then HODL of the hot collectibles, for later sale- Following our lead is usually a great way to find some home-run collectibles!