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Toy Power
methodical system of specifying traits and defining attributes for easier classification of products, particularly toys; application has expanded to include apparel, decor, gear and collectibles.


Toy Power Benefits:


    • Reassurance we have not forgotten your order.
      Email updates provide confirmation of your order number in our system AND our most important policies that protect YOU throughout the ENTiRE Pre-Order process.
    • Provides you our efficient, most-current update.
      (info heavy for those that prefer it)

      Our new platform is experiencing extreme growth based on our track-record of providing hard-to-find/limited stock pre-order and restock items. Our new system now allows us to monitor all pre-orders generally, while also sending out specific product-related information, as necessary, via additional emails.
    • Convenience of automatic direct contact about your order.
      With 2021 technology, we believe it is imperative to receive current updates of status and situational information, without the NEED for following us on social media (but why wouldn't you? :) NOR having to request an update.
    • 30 day updates... Within 30 days you will either receive a new notification of intent to ship a pre-order (we "usually" receive a 1-2 week lead time), or we will receive word that the delay is on-going. Delay updates more frequent than 30 days apart are honestly unrealistic; No new information would yet be available. Updates are currently planned to go out once a month (to avoid information overload). We will always send important, product-specific, situational emails whenever necessary.
    • Additional Benefits of Toy Power will be disclosed at a later date. All pre-order customers will have a future option to JOiN Toy Power at NO COST. There are numerous benefits to be revealed; Some information is already available online. #Toyken #ToyTrax

Future Updates

Future update subjects will say NEW, if NEW info.

Future update subjects will say "No Status Changes" IF the core information has NOT materially changed.

This will allow you to discern from the subject line, alone, if we believe there is any new info worth reading.

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