John Deere 200D Lc Excavator 1:16 Scale, farm-toys licensed by John Deere and manufactured by ERTL.

John Deere ERTL John Deere 200D Lc Excavator 1:16 Scale [HODL]


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John Deere ERTL John Deere 200D Lc Excavator 1:16 Scale

Officially licensed by: John Deere ERTL
Condition: NEW - with tags and/OR in sealed manufacturer packaging.
MPN: 35802
Sku # 3580218BAS
Product Description: John Deere ERTL John Deere 200D Lc Excavator 1:16 Scale is an officially licensed, authentic item. What a great gift for John Deere FANS. Perhaps it's just for you, so, go ahead... treat yourself! Did you even realize you were missing this? Congratulations, you've found ERTL John Deere John Deere 200D Lc Excavator 1:16 Scale.
BAtoys Loc# 1100-35802-BAS

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